About my photography

As a creative outlet, photography has been my major passion for the last decade. After visiting Canada in 1996 and having my first face to face encounter with a grizzly bear I was officially hooked. These days I spend my vacation time road tripping around the National Park system of North America, capturing the wild experiences it offers.

Below are a selection of recent favourites from my rambles around the continent.

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Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

"Like no other place on earth." That is how Yellowstone has been popularly described over the last century since becoming the worlds first National Park. The only remaining stronghold of true American wilderness, it is like a window into the past when the Bison and Antelope roamed the plains. As Yellowstone is to wildlife, Grand Teton (just to the south) is all about stunning landscape architecure. Nature at it's most inspiring.


The Desert Southwest

I feel pulled back to the desert each fall, when the temperatures cool and the light comes alive. Southeastern Utah and Northern Arizona contains more parks with more mindblowing scenery than any other location I've visited. After reading Edward Abbey's "Desert Solitaire", you can't help but want to camp out in the wilderness here to see the sun burning highlights into the fiery landscape.


The Canadian Rockies

My first visit to the Rockies came from living in Lake Louise in 96. The drive from Banff to Jasper has to be one of the worlds most beautiful stretches of road, passing along the spine of the continent pas enumerable bright blue glacial lakes. This area was the biggest reason I moved to Canada.


Yosemite National Park

Nothing can prepare you for the experience of entering Yosemite Valley. My inital inspiration can via the photography of Ansel Adams and the writings of Scottish environmentalist John Muir. Yosemite is home to the largest type of tree in the world, the Giant Sequoia, and some of the most breathtaking granite valley and mountain scenery on the planet. The photos in my gallery come from Yosemite and it's surrounding areas (Mono Lake, Sequioa and Kings Canyon).


The Pacific Northwest

My home for the past 8 years, Vancouver is beautifully positioned on the west coast. Within two hours you can get to an unlimited number of stunning places.



"Within a few hundred yards I would see several more of what constitutes 25% of all wild Vancouver Island Marmots.

I've just hiked with a researcher into the mountains near Nanaimo, into an ecological reserve inaccessibleto the public. When I consider that I'm (as far as I know) the first photographer allowed access, I feel privileged and excited."