Anhinga Attacks Heron in the Everglades

The Anhinga trail is the most accessible trail in Everglades National Park. Located a few miles south of the park entrance, a 15 minute stroll takes you past a pond, along a narrow waterway, and into […]

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The Best Place to See Bald Eagles in Vancouver

72nd Street.

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30 Days in the Desert

After hanging up my camera for five years, I ventured to the desert states of Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and southern California, on a life-changing 30-day solo wilderness photography adventure..

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Oxbow Bend Sunrise

The first thing you should do after shooting a classic viewpoint is turn around and figure out somewhere higher, better, and different to shoot from.

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Vancouver Island Marmots in the Mist

Day One with the Vancouver Island Marmots It took me a while to fully comprehend that the small bundle of fur sitting alone, gazing up at me, represented around 3% of the total wild population […]

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Flash Flood at The Wave

A ridiculous tale of serendipity, stubbornness, and savvy leads to an unexpected trip into an area most of the world doesn’t know exists.

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Running Away From Bison

That time where I almost got trampled by 200 tons of meat.

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